Our Experts

Rubelyn Alcantara MBA,

Founder & CEO

Supivaa was Ruby’s brainchild because she’s been “there”.  She’s lived and worked in 16 countries on this planet.  Ran companies, understood the highs and the lows of a business across several sectors.

Kia Davis, MBA

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Kia is our super strategist. Big picture, small picture, she’s can look at all pictures!

Dr Maira Bholla

Partner, Medical Business Strategy, Supivaa Medical

Our Molecular Epidemiologist, because, well…every company should have one!

Michelle Seidel, MBA


We all need our lawyers, and Michelle is ours. Beyond that, she’s got some entrepreneurial wisdom too!


Sonu Darayani, MBA


When she’s not chasing her toddler, she’s chasing major ideas

Mita Shrestha, MBA

Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency are Mita’s favourite words.

Helen Cheatle

Corporate Governance Expert

Helen’s there to make sure we’re all doing what we’re supposed to be doing…

Sofia Amira Salji

Hugs & Kisses

Here to make sure you’re having a good day.

Associates & Interns

Niyati Dave

Investment Analyst

Our professor.

Adebukola Adebimpe (Buki), MBA

Analyst, Business Strategy & Investor Relations

“Our jack of all trades”


Christelle Kupa

Impact Investment

Christelle is a sustainable finance expert and our “go-to” for global impact investing.

Nina Werner

Expert Generalist

Nina’s our in-house entrepreneurship guru. She’s been with several different start-ups and even ran a start-up accelerator.

Tapfuma Musewe, MBA

Canada-Africa Expert

We know we can always rely on Tapfuma on anything Canada-Africa. Our go-to on Africa, agriculture, Canada and Entrepreneurship.