Lerato Zwane

Chief of Staff

Lerato Zwane is the Office & Projects Administrator at Supivaa.  Her role is to work with the team in the planning  and execution of projects in order to assess the client’s business strategies, create recommendations for growth, operational efficiency and/or improvement and undergo the investor outreach where necessary.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree  in Financial Accounting from North-West University. She has also supplemented her accounting course work with an advanced study in Financial Management and Data Analysis.

You can reinvent the world.  What would you do? What would it look like?

A world where nobody gets sick and never afraid! In this way, everybody will go for everything they want and maximize their potential.

You woke up one day, and found a million USD on your bed. What would you invest in and why?

First of all, I’d check if it’s real and scream my lungs out! Haha. And I’d invest in agriculture and educational sector. The main reason here is the issue of food security. Not only is investing in agri helping in the issue of food security, but it’d also help in poverty reduction, through job creation,  which leads to economic growth. This is a sustainable development.

For education, it’ll specifically be in skill training. A lot of schools do provide quality education, but what is more important and more valuable is the skill learnt and put to work. Not only will this help in sharpening it, but as my boss always says “help people discover things they DON’T want to do”. Because trust me, being in class and doing the actual work can give you two different experiences!

It’s the end of the world, you have 24 hours with a superpower, what would it be and how will you use it?

The flash with powers to make other people’s dreams come true.

We only have 24 hours to live, wouldn’t it be nice to give people the experience of the lives they’ve always dreamt of? Plus I’ll be fulfilling my own dream too, travelling  world. Not only that, but in seconds