Our Services

Module 1:

360° Business Diagnostic

Module 2:

Investor Readiness & Outreach Strategy

Module 3:

Funder / Investor Outreach / Capital Raise

This deep-dive review can find those things that drag on your profitability, sales growth, employee morale.

The outcome is a company more focused and aligned to growth.  Within this module we offer:

A Deep-Dive 360° Review

The 360 Business Diagnostic takes an in-depth review of your business to examine the status of your financials, how well you know your customers, which of your processes have been documented, how you define and perform against impact targets, and how you operate in your market. Our proprietary tool yields tremendous insight from a moderate amount of input.

One on One Business Coaching Consultancy

It’s one thing to know what your goals are but getting there sometimes requires support to keep you on track and give you concrete direction. Transform recommendations into achievements with hourly coaching sessions with our experts. It’s not advice, it’s direction, motivation, and much-needed support.

Strategic Financial Review

The strategic financial review looks at, through, and around your numbers, to see where you shine and where you need help. Past performance, current profitability, and future projections are examined to see where you are on track to achieve your goals, and how attractive you are to investors.

When you’re fundraising, you’ve got your eye on the prize of getting the money but how many steps come before than, and how confident are you that you’ve got everything at the ready?

Within this module we offer:

Due Diligence / Corporate Governance Review

Investors look into every nook and cranny before making a decision. Don’t wait until you have an interested investor to find you have come up short. Let us review your due diligence documents, and identify where you need more data, or where the investor case needs more evidence. The first step in getting investor-ready, be as compelling as you can be, and streamline the fundraising process.

Investor Outreach Strategy

Successfully attracting investors involves a strong investor narrative, research on the funding market, and identification of target investors. Selecting the type, size, and engagement approach for a potential funder can mean the difference between getting funded or not.

Investor Outreach Collateral Development

Collateral like pitch decks and teasers are the first introduction investors will have of a business. They must be clear, well-designed, and highly compelling to break away from the hundreds of companies that approach investors and get to a yes. Funders are short on time, so the collateral must tell the story well and convince them that you’re a great investment.

This module goes hand in hand with Module 2.  Note that it cannot be commenced unless you have gone through the DD review and Investor Outreach.

Within this module we offer to support you during your capital raise, to identify funders and investors, and coach you through your pitch and provide DD support to get you the investment you need.