Michelle Seidel, MBA

Consultant: Legal & Business Models – Victoria, BC, Canada & London, UK

Michelle grew up helping in her mother’s small business in Central Ontario, Canada and that fueled her love for small business.

After completing a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography at Brock University, she went on to law school at the University of British Columbia, in order to learn some skills that would be useful to help businesses. In 1999, she was called to Bar of British Columbia and is a licensed Canadian lawyer.

She has worked as a small business lawyer, and gained a deep understanding of mortgages and property investment through assisting people with mortgages and financing over the course of her career. She went back to school to do an MBA from the University of Massachusetts in 2015.

She has worked as general counsel for technology companies and also writes and edits business and legal articles for a few different clients. She is always happy to help businesses with strategy and in negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements. She is also a Certified Privacy Professional though IAPP for data privacy.

She spends time in Canada and a few months a year in the UK, and is hoping to make a permanent move to the UK as soon as she can.

Michelle Seidel