Tapfuma Musewe, MBA

Canada-Africa Expert

Tapfuma Musewe is a trade and investment executive dedicated to increasing the connectivity between African markets and other regions of the world. Having grown up a Canadian citizen, his passion led him to spend most of his working life across Africa. He began in community development, then pivoted to
entrepreneurship and established a couple of companies including a logistics company that moved.

FMCG’s for a blue-chip company. He then worked in market intelligence, consulting multinational clients seeking to penetrate African markets. Tapfuma possesses a unique understanding in establishing business and achieving growth in challenging economic environments.

Tapfuma has a diverse academic background, having obtained a B. Sc. Biology and Global Executive MBA from the University of Toronto. He is also passionate about leading high performance teams and is PMP certified.

He is now based in Toronto, Canada and is the Founder of Eschaton Solutions Ltd. – a boutique firm that promotes sustainable trade and investment with African markets. He offers forward-looking market analysis, expertise and advice to clients who seek to participate in the growth of African markets. He
also leads innovation projects that seek to shift the narrative around Africa and solve some of its most pressing issues.