Why Gender Lens Investing (GLI) Matters

Increasing Women’s Access to Capital

  • Funding women-found and women-led ventures
  • Funding fit-for-purpose technical assistance

Rewarding Gender Equitable Workplaces

  • Moving beyond compliance by supporting gender value creation policies and practices
  • Maintaining a culture of openness and accountability on gender topics

Supporting the uptake of Gender-Informed Products and Services

  • Designing products and services with the unique needs of women stakeholders
  • Amplifying gender-informed purchasing patterns

“Taking on a gender lens approach is about applying gender data to see new possibilities for change”

Ruby Alcantara, Founder and CEO of Supivaa

GLI Defined

Overlaying gender-based factors across the investment lifecycle to shift perceptions of gender as being both a material risk and opportunity factor. Incorporating gender analysis can tell us who has access to, control over and who is likely to benefit from how investments are designed and structured.

The point is to spot hidden opportunities, reconsider opportunities that are undervalued and yield better investment decisions while advancing gender equality outcomes.

USD $42B

access to finance gap for women entrepreneurs in Africa