Christelle Kupa

Impact Investment
CEO & Founder, Uhuisano Capital
London, UK & Africa

After years in investment banking where she worked on complex financial assets and instruments, Christelle decided to reorient her career towards impact investment in order to serve the people who really matter. As a result, she founded Uhusiano Capital as an enterprise devoted to “real people, real projects, real assets, real impact”.

She founded the company in 2016 as a catalyst to facilitate better business in the African impact investing sector, with a particular interest in agriculture and women economic empowerment. Christelle has convened a team of experts and specialists with whom she has developed service propositions that solve complex problems and add value for communities, stakeholders and shareholders in Africa.

Christelle is an internationally recognised leader in impact investment. She has spoken at high profile events and conferences around the world and has been an expert participant in a number of panels and knowledge sharing initiatives.

In her non-for-profit activities, Christelle is a practitioner, advocate and lecturer on sustainable impact capitalism and community bridging through business and bottom-up leadership. She sits as a Trustee on Medical Aid Film

Christelle is Belgian- Congolese, based in London, with extensive travel on the African continent. She holds an BA in business and finance and speaks French, Flemish, English, with some basics in Swahili and Lingala.