Supivaa Medical

Supivaa Medical is a Canadian-based medical supplier, consultant and financier addressing global health challenges. As a supplier, we source innovative products including COVID-19 Tests, surgical masks, and COVID-19 vaccines, to get the supplies where it’s needed most working with partners globally in UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. As a consultant and financier, we work with medical ventures in their fight against COVID-19 and beyond by providing a steady supply of medical equipment, access to international funding opportunities and supporting the overall operations of the business.


Uhusiano Capital

Uhusiano Capital Ltd is a boutique financial advisory firm based in London (FCA-regulated) with a specialization in impact investment and blended/ hybrid investment solutions. Uhusiano Capital addresses the capital requirements needs for African-based projects and opportunities. At the core of Uhusiano Capital is the fundamental belief that commercial capital and impact/social capital can come together to generate sustainable long-term projects/funds/products in Africa. Impact Capital can be the catalyst for commercial capital and vice versa.



SheEO is a global community of radically generous women transforming how we fund and support women-led Ventures working on the World’s To-Do List. The model brings together 500 women (called Activators) in each cohort, who contribute $1100 each as an Act of Radical Generosity. The money is then pooled together and loaned out at 0% interest to five women-led Ventures selected by the Activators. The loans are paid back over five years and then loaned out again, creating a perpetual fund to be passed on to our daughters and granddaughters. Since launching in 2015, 4,000 SheEO Activators have collectively loaned out $4M in support of 53 women-led Ventures.


CAFIID is a Canadian network of individuals, organizations and investors who work in developing countries, and who see social/environmental impact and financial return as coexisting priorities. Collectively, CAFIID members combine many years of experience with a track record of innovation in structuring and funding impact investment products, designing and delivering technical assistance, and promoting sustainable investment ecosystems.