Supporting life to ensure businesses thrive and play the critical role in the economic development of a country, region and globally.

Rooted in women’s inclusiveness and gender-lens perspectives, Supivaa is a boutique consultancy advisory firm with a network of global experts and consultants offering business development services, supporting entrepreneurs and business leaders through their key stages of development. We also work with impact investors and funders (VCs, institutional investors, foundations, funds, DFIs, government-entities, family offices, and HNWI) by supporting the development, management and deployment of initiatives under their Impact inline with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG funding aims and objectives.

Supivaa is a play on words. “Support” + “Vivre” (to live) thus “supporting life” in Franglais (French/English) – which are the two languages of Canada and the majority of African countries. It dawned on us… Supivaa = “”Supporting the Divas!”. The extra “a” stands for “All-over” the world. Thus Supivaa was born.