Why an Internship with Supivaa Advisory Group?

We offer a diverse range of Internship Programmes that are aimed to enhance your potential. While our company is young and small, the people behind Supivaa have been running internship programmes globally for the past 10 years. We understand what Interns need to get to that next stage in their careers. We firmly believe that internships are fantastic learning opportunities to gain the experience in something you’ve either never done before OR to enhance further what you already know. Our interns work directly with our clients. As a Supivaa intern, you can be involved in projects like working with fast-growing entrepreneurs in tech, FMCG, agriculture, renewable energy and Impact Investing. A marketing intern may work on a marketing strategy with a Canadian company looking to enter into the UK market. While out Investor Relations intern might work with a Zambian-based agriculture company that’s looking to raise capital for a project and aims to target impact investor. A Business Development intern can help out a new tech company that is in need of operational recommendations to help enhance its business workflow.

During your experience at Supivaa Advisory Group you get several opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge. If you make it through our selection process and join our team, you’ll be involved in a wide variety of projects depending on your goals and objectives for your career journey.

What roles are available?

We’ve have the following roles available:

What are your benefits?

You will be part of a small, inclusive but enthusiastic team and gain valuable experience in diverse fields. You will work with talented people from all around the globe. You will play a direct role in the success of the business.

And we’re flexible with where you work. While we’re on-site with our clients, most recently they’ve been London, UK based, we give our interns options. We’ve had interns work from their cities in China, Germany, France, the US and elsewhere in the UK.

Who do we look for?

We are looking for motivated and talented individuals who want to be part of a small but dynamic team. You’ve should be:

  • Curious about the world. Our clients can be from anywhere in the world: Nairobi, Lusaka, Lagos, Colombo, Shanghai, London, New York, Washington DC – anywhere really! Meanwhile our team and advisors are in Vancouver, Toronto, London, Paris and Nairobi. The Internship Programme is geared towards individuals who are completing or have recently completed their studies.
  • Willing to learn. The internships are all about learning something new every day and open to working on a wide variety of projects with our clients. One day you might be involved in an agriculture programme in East Africa, while the next day, we might need you on an FCMG project in Sri Lanka and London. All done from wherever you are.
  • Client-focused. Our clients are key. And at Supivaa, our interns work directly with our clients. So we expect our interns to ensure that clients are their priority!
  • A dash of creativity…or a ton of it! As cliché as it sound, we love it when our interns think outside of the box. We love it when they bring great ideas to the table.

What comes next?

Supivaa Advisory Group has several programmes which will introduce you to the professional world, building new skills and gain more knowledge. Shoot us your CV and Cover Letter if you’re interested in learning more to careers@supivaa.com