July 29


03:30 pm - 05:00 pm

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Supivaa Advisory Group Ltd

Find what’s working in your business and identify hidden threats FAST with Supivaa’s 360 Business Diagnostic tool in this 90-minute workshop

Are you confident that you know what’s working and where any hidden threats are to your business? When is the last time you stepped back and looked at it holistically, identifying how you truly feel about each component? If you’re like most business owners, it’s been a while.

The COVID crisis is an opportunity for reflection, analysis, and investigation. Some business owners will need to make big, painful decisions. Others are facing tremendous opportunity. Making the right decision starts with a crucial first step: understanding your business.

Professional deep dives can take weeks or months, but you can get a to a good starting point in 90 short minutes.

During this workshop, you’ll:

  • Review your financials and identify what you think should be improved
  • Show your strategy and how you compete in your market
  • See what you know about your customers and what you need to find out more about
  • Understand how your employees are doing in their jobs, and how your culture is shaped
  • Clarify which systems and processes you have in place, and which ones should be changed

At the end of the workshop, your business will be summarized on a page. You’ll gain an understanding of which parts are going well, and which ones need work. You will leave with an initial list of next steps for bringing your business to the next level, or making tough decisions.


You will leave the workshop with 2 important documents to get you started on your journey:

  1. A 360° snapshot of your business on a single page, with levels of achievement in key areas
  2. An emotional heatmap of what’s going well and poorly at your business, and early ideas of how to address it
  3. A To-Do list of areas to get answers for

Please Note: To be able to get the most out of the 90 mins, you will need to be prepared with your financial statements mainly your Income Statement/Profit & Loss Statement for 2019.

This workshop is geared towards entrepreneurs who are already in operations and have generated revenue. You don’t necessarily need to be profitable yet, but you should have a clear path to profitability and have already tested your revenue model.

As part of the registration process, we will be sending you a list of questions to ensure you qualify. Space is extremely limited, but don’t fret if you don’t make it in this time around. We’ll be doing several workshops geared to all stages of your entrepreneurial journey.

Your Workshop Facilitators

Kia Davis, Partner aka “The Fairy Godmother of Entrepreneurs” , Supivaa Advisory Group

As a trainer, author, researcher, advisor, professor, and writer, Kia focuses on helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential, and developing the ecosystems needed to support them. Kia has worked closely with entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, government agencies, and NGOs around the world.

Kia specializes in small business growth and strategy, providing training for entrepreneurs, publishing research on startup ecosystems, and providing support for small business entrepreneurs. Kia is an adjunct professor in the Communications program at the University in Dubai, lecturing on the intersection of business and technology. Kia holds a BA in consumer psychology from Yale University, and an MBA from Insead, and has authored the small business strategy book Flashpoint 100: Radical Business Growth In 100 Days.

Ruby Alcantara, Founder & CEO, Supivaa Advisory Group

Ruby Alcantara is seasoned entrepreneur, impact investment advisor and executive business consultant focused on emerging market’s growth across a variety of sectors including renewable energy, agriculture, fin-tech, and media/publishing. She’s held roles as Managing Director, CEO, COO and CMO, living and working in Africa and Asia.

She founded Supivaa Advisory Group, a boutique consultancy firm, rooted in women’s inclusiveness and gender-lens perspectives, to support entrepreneurs and business leaders through their key stages of development. She is also the Head of Entrepreneurship for Uhusiano Capital, an impact investment firm based in the UK. Ruby is part of the executive team of the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network, an Activator of SheEO UK, and a member of the Canadian Federation of Impact Investment and Development (CAFIID).

She holds an MBA from IE Business School and a BA in Communications and Political Science from Simon Fraser University.

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