Stephanie Wairagu

Business Development & Investment Relations

Stephanie is an undergraduate student studying public health and biology at Meredith College. She is interested in the intersection between health sciences, health policy and data science, with the ultimate desire to improve the health of marginalized communities globally. She will be working as a Business Development and Investor Relations intern this summer.

You can reinvent the world. What would you do? What would it look like?

I would make sure that colonialism never takes place. Every country would have equal resources and would start from an equal footing. This would help lower the disproportionate poverty levels we see today in underdeveloped countries.

You woke up one day, and found a million USD on your bed. What would you invest in and why?

I would invest in agritech because it would improve the efficiency and sustainability of farming processes. People will always need to eat, so it is very important to ensure food security.

It’s the end of the world, you have 24 hours with a superpower, what would it be and how will you use it?

It would definitely be teleportation. I would teleport with my friends and family to all the places I have always wanted to visit.