Nomboh Evans

Business Development & Investment Relations

Nomboh Evans is a 3rd year Electrical engineering student at ALC, interning at Supivaa as a Business development and Investor relations intern. He reads and produces videos about finance, plays football and develops his entrepreneurial projects in his free time. 

A lover of learning, Nomboh’s background in engineering give him that critical edge in research and financial analysis. 

You can reinvent the world.  What would you do? What would it look like?

I would move it to a benevolent dictatorship. With visionary leaders who work for the common good.

You woke up one day, and found a million USD on your bed. What would you invest in and why?

I will do real estate development. It is a lucrative sector where you can easily value and sell mansions to celebrities.

It’s the end of the world, you have 24 hours with a superpower, what would it be and how will you use it?

I will want to time travel, so that I go back in the past and live there, which technically means I will have to live the number of years I travelled back in the past before getting back to the present and dying.