Sonu Darayani, MBA

Principal Consultant/Marketing

Paris, France & Hong Kong

Sonu Daryanani is Marketing Head and External Advisor at Supivaa where she helps our clients to develop their marketing strategy and plan as well as execute them. Alongside joining Supivaa in May 2019, Sonu has spent the last 4 years building her own independent marketing consultancy based in Paris working with smaller brands and producers helping them to do a full market analysis/feasibility report, as well as establish and build their brands with a focus on the East Asian markets. Experience leading market analysis, go to market strategy & execution, brand book development, contacting distributors on behalf of the principal, and product adaptation/positioning. Prior to starting her own consultancy business, Sonu worked for 4 years as a Marketing, PR and Communications Manager for a Hospitality group where she worked on the concept development and execution for various Food and Beverage projects in Asia and prior to that 3 years as a Sales and Marketing Manager in the textiles industry.